Why boycott Israel? -10th March

Boycott Israeli goodsWhen: Thursday 10th March, 18:00 – 19:00
Where: Faculty Room South, David Hume Tower

The recent leak of the Palestine papers has made clear just how non-existant any peace process is. In this stalemate, as Israel continues the military occupation of Palestinian territory, expropriate land, enforce a brutal siege on Gaza, and lock up political leaders, what direction should the movement for a just peace take? Come along and hear three Edinburgh University students present the case for Boycotting Apartheid Israel.

A motion is being proposed at the EUSA GM on Monday 14th of March which seeks to ban the sale of Israeli goods from EUSA shops, until Israeli abides by international law. Come to our meeting on Thursday to hear the reasons why this motion is important and why it is even more important that you vote YES to boycotting Israeli goods in EUSA.

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