SJP in The Electronic Intifada

Electronic IntifadaSJP is mentioned in The Electronic Intifada in a Report published on the 25th of October and titled “As Israel fires on activists, BDS movement claims victories.” See the full article here.


On 6 October, student activists in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh were able to shut down a career fair at Edinburgh University in protest of the inclusion of a major weapons manufacturer, BAE Systems, which produces and sells arms and equipment to the Israeli military. According to a press release issued by Edinburgh University Students for Justice In Palestine, a dozen students entered the career fair, holding the Palestinian flag and banners that read “BAE – Blatant Absence of Ethics” and “BAE sells – Israel kills” (“Students Shut Down Careers Fair in Protest,” 7 October 2010).

“Upon being asked to leave by security, the students held a ‘die-in’ in front of the stall, to symbolize all the people killed by BAE’s weapons,” the press release stated.

“BAE Systems is the world’s second-largest arms producer,” the the students’ statement added. “It makes fighter aircraft, armored vehicles, artillery systems, missiles, munitions and much more. In 2008, company sales exceeded £18.5 (USD $29) billion, with about 95 percent of these being for military use. BAE has been under investigation for corruption and was, as a result, forced earlier this year to pay a £30 (USD $40) million fine in the UK and one of $400 million in the US. BAE’s arms are sold indiscriminately around the world, with military customers in over 100 countries. These countries include Israel.”