Shuhada Street pictures & video

On the 25th of February, Edinbugh University SJP students peacefully occupied Guthrie St, taking part in the international day of action Open Shuhada Street!

Shuhada Street was a thriving commercial street in the centre of Hebron, itself commercial centre of the entire southern West Bank. Over the years, the (Israeli) authorities imposed a legal and physical segregation between the Israeli settlers and the Palestinian majority, officially to protect the settlers. This has been implemented by limiting freedom of movement to Palestinians, preventing their access to some streets and forcing them to use streets with checkpoints. Added to this, the army has imposed round-the-clock curfews and the closure of several hundreds of shops. Those policies have generated the economic collapse of the centre of Hebron and have driven many Palestinians out of the city.

For more details on the policies in Hebron and their consequences, see this text by B’Tselem, an Israeli NGO.

Edinburgh University SJP decided to take part in the campaign, bringing music, food and their energy, to denounce the Israeli policies in the occupied territories that have catastrophic consequences on the lives of the Palestinians, which are segregative and/or illegal under international law.

Here are some pics and a video.