Mike Prysner talk: Palestine, Imperialism and the Crisis in the Middle East – 2nd February

Mike Prysner

When: Wednesday 02 February. 13:00 – 14:30
Where: Faculty Room North, David Hume Tower

Mike Prysner, US Army veteran and founding member of March Forward, will speak at Edinburgh University on Wednesday as part of a UK wide speaking tour.

With the dramatic events in Egypt taking place, Mike will speak about his journey from US soldier in Iraq to anti-imperialist activist and consider what the implications of the Arab uprisings are.

Watch Mike’s inspirational speech, viewed by over 1 million people, here.

The ethnic cleansing of Palestine proceeds to the roar of bulldozers and tanks and the support of the US and the EU. Nuclear-armed Israel dispossesses the Palestinian people and wages wars across the region.

The devastation of Iraq by foreign armies continues. The Afghan adventure produces a rising death toll and intensified resistance. Israel threatens a further invasion of Lebanon and an attack on Iran.

- Why does the US arm Israel to the tune of $3b per year?

- Why does the EU violate its own human rights regulations to extend virtual membership to Israel?

- Why is Israel a de facto member of NATO?

How can we stop the UK Government’s invasions of other countries alongside the US and support Palestinian resistance to ethnic cleansing, colonisation and apartheid?

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