We DO NOT welcome a propagandist for war crimes on our campus

Ron Prosor

Ron Prosor, Israel's ambassador to the UK, invited by the Politics Society, is NOT WELCOME on our campus.

Edinburgh University Politics Society have invited Ron Prosor, Israel’s ambassador to the UK, to speak at Edinburgh University campus this semester (see here). Students for Justice in Palestine believe that by welcoming a mouthpiece of Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing to our University campus, the Politics Society make themselves complicit in the whitewashing of the suffering of the Palestinian people.

Israel, much like Apartheid South Africa did, is becoming a pariah state due to its continued illegal occupation of Palestine and the war crimes it has committed against the indigenous people there. An ambassador for the racist National Party in South Africa would not have been welcome at Edinburgh University campus during the international boycott of South Africa. In the same spirit of equality and justice, an ambassador for the racist, colonial state of Israel should not be allowed to spew his war propaganda on our campus.

Politics society, we urge you to rethink your decision to host Ron Prosor. With many Palestinians leaders locked in Israeli jails, and many more locked in the occupations of Gaza and the West Bank, you are inviting a propagandist of the state which is responsible for their collective suffering to our University campus. Thus, you will be effectively condoning Israel’s continuing policy of siege, occupation and military force against a people whose only crime is that they continue to exist.

Contact the politics society directly at : eupolsoc@gmail.com to register your disgust and ask them to rethink their decision to host a defender of war crimes.

See the Facebook group page.