The Bluffer’s Guide to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory – 7th October

Soldiers Western Wall 1967

Israeli soldiers at the Jerusalem Western Wall during the Six Day War in 1967

When: Thursday 7th October, 18:00-19:30
Where: David Hume Tower conference room

Israel-Palestine is always in the news, and with the current ‘peace negotiations’ under way it seems a good time to go over a few of the basic facts that have got us where we are today.

So if you’re:

New to the situation?
Heard stuff and want to know more?
Confused on a certain topic?
Or just feel like a top up on the history that has moulded the situation to what it is today?

‘The bluffer’s guide to Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territory’ is a comprehensive, beginners guide to the situation. Running through the basic history and giving a small insight into what living under occupation might be like, and how day to day normal life has been affected by apartheid.
Written by Nigel Varndell and presented by 2nd year Student Daniel Schuster-Beesley, this talk aims to be a clear account of this complicated conflict, to help everyone understand this current key issue.